Why Use Jamaican Jeem's?

  • Bamboo, a member of the grass family, is an abundant, renewable resource containing no toxins, chemicals, or pollutants and burns clean. Therefore, there are never any trees or fossil fuels used in the manufacturing of Jamaican Jeem’s organic bamboo charcoal. In fact, in Jamaica, the bamboo growth cycle reproduces within 60 days of harvesting.
  • This eco-friendly product was produced with the environment in mind as Jamaica utilizes strict methods of harvesting and processing guidelines established by the Bamboo and Indigenous Materials Advisory Committee (BIMAC) of the Jamaican Government. BIMAC was established to assist in the development of a standards-led bamboo industry to maintain the integrity and the natural beauty of the Jamaica rainforest.

Grillin’ Green

  • Jamaican Jeem’s organic bamboo charcoal can be used for cooking any meat, vegetable, or fruit. Your food will taste better and be healthier since our bamboo charcoal contains no additives or chemicals which release odors that can affect food taste.
  • After cooking with Jamaican Jeem’s organic bamboo charcoal the cooled natural plant fiber can be recycled to provide nutrients to your garden or compost as this product absorbs water.
  • We are also pleased to say Jamaican Jeem’s organic bamboo charcoal bag is a recyclable product.

Product of Jamaica